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1-st Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

20-27 July 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria

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The city

Sofia is the city of variety and contrasts. Along with its remarkable heritage and rich cultural life, plenty of galleries, museum, theatres, Sofia has a good tradition in nightlife with huge number of night clubs, discos, and restaurants. Together with its modern architecture, the city keeps settlements from its ancient times, along with the large roads and highways, Sofia has number of parks and gardens. Because of citys excellent position between mountains, the climate is moderate with quiet weather. Just about 30 km from the citys centre, in the nearby Vitosha mountain massif is located a huge skiing resort. Sofia is just about 300 km away from Bulgarias seaside. The city is popular and remarkable with its mineral springs and baths.


Architecture and municipality

The architecture of Sofia's centre is a combination of Neo-Baroque, Neo-Rococo, Neo-Renaissance and Neoclassicism, with the Vienna Secession.


Sofia Municipality includes 24 municipalities and is ruled by a mayor and a city council, both elected in every four years.



With its well-developed infrastructure and strategic location, Sofia is an important centre for international railway and automobile routes. All major types of transport (except water transport) are represented in the city, which is home to 8 railway stations and to The Sofia Airport. Three Trans-European Transport Corridors cross the city: 4, 8 and 10.


Public transit is well-developed and is provided by means of underground trains (the Sofia Metro), buses, trams and trolleybuses. In the city operate also multiple taxies, having a capacity of about 12 people.



SOFIA History


One of the oldest cities in Europe, the history of Sofia (Thracian name Serdika, ancient Bulgarian name: Sredetz) can be traced back some 7000 years ago - prehistoric settlements were excavated in the centre of the present city. The well preserved...




SOFIA Future


Sofias huge potential determined by the opportune location from an international and local point of view, the excellent communications and transport connections by air, road and railway as...






- Transportation in Sofia.

- Where can I buy...

- Be careful with...

- Going to... not a good idea.

- Sight seeing - 1,2,3...

- Park walk - yes, but...

- Must see in Sofia.

- Restaurants & cafes.

- Events during SOFIMUN - out of program.

- Clubs where SOFIMUN parties will be held.






Maps of SOFIMUN events and Sofia city

- Map of Sofia city.

- Map of committees' venues.

- Map of hotels.

- Map of "Must see in Sofia".

- Map of SOFIMUN parties.

- Map of main transportation.

- Map of embassies of foreign states.

- Map of main institutions.

- Map of museums and galleries.

- Map of emergency help centres.


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Bulgaria Info


Facts and figures

- Where is Bulgaria?

- Why is it called Bulgaria?

- Nature of Bulgaria.

- Traditions of Bulgaria.

- Bulgaria and its culture.

- Bulgaria on the sports arena.

- Bulgarian food and drinks.

- You use it everyday - Bulgarians invented it!

- Things you must see in Bulgaria!

- Bulgaria and the world!

- Bulgaria at the UN.

- Other stuff... ofcoarse about Bulgaria.


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