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20-27 July 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria

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Culture and education

- 16 Universities

- 15 theatres

- 15 museums

- 50 galleries

- over 20 cinemas and 4 large cinema centers

- Over 200 religious monuments and centers, including Christian churches, Islam mosques, Synagogue.



- 7 stadiums (including 50 000- seated National Stadium)

- 10 sport halls

- 15 sport centers

- 7 football teams, 5 volleyball teams


What you have to see in Sofia (some places of special interest)

- National palace of culture (NDK) - the largest multifunctional complex in Southeastern Europe

- Boyana Church - a 10th century Orthodox church, part of The UNESCO Cultural Heritage List situated on the outskirts of Sofia

- St. Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral - one of the largest Eastern Orthodox cathedrals in the world

- Bulgarian National Historical Museum- notable by its world famous collection of Thracian gold

- The Sofia University- oldest university in Bulgaria, established in 1888, built on 18 624 sq. mi. surface, with 20 faculties and over 80 specialties

- The Ivan Vazov National Theatre- remarkable Neoclassic building

- National Library- keeping remarkable collection of ancient and modern book and document fund from most of the world cultures; one of the richest funds in the world.

- The Church of Sv. Georgi - it is among the oldest Christian temples in the Balkan peninsula dating back to 4th century

- The unique central outdoor book-market on Slaveykov Square

- Sofia Mineral Springs - a construction of fountains in the center of the city with natural hot mineral water.

- Central Military club - remarkable Neoclassic building with 4 ball halls

- Borisova gradina - Sofia's main and oldest garden, constructed in 1884

- The Royal Palace of The Third Bulgarian Kingdom

- Sofia South Park - larges park in Sofia

- The Sofia lake “Ariana”

- Statue of St. Sophia- 25 m golden-bronze statue of the patron of the city

- The Monument to the Tsar Liberator

- National Stadium “Vassil Levksi”

- Student campus (Studentski grad) - largest place of nightlife in Sofia with more than 100 nightclubs, disco’s, restaurants, cafeterias.

- Vitosha boulevard - the city’s central boulevard (largo)

- The Sofia yellow pavement- one of Sofia’s symbols, unique yellow pavement in the administrative center of the city


Sofia in facts and figures:


Western Bulgaria,

42°42′N 23°20′E

situated 550 m (1,804 ft) above sea level



East-European time : EET (UTC+2)

- Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)


Climate and Weather

Continental climate

Average summer temperature: 25° C

Average winter temperature: 1° C


Population (2007-07-01)

- City ▲ 1,270,010

- Density 1,030/km² (2,667.7/sq mi)

- Metro 1,386,702


Surface Area (city) - 1,349 km²


Calculate your expenses:

(average prices, depends on place)




Bulgarian Lev

European Euro


1 beer, Bulgarian, 500ml





1 beer, foreign, 500ml

5.00 - 8.00

2.50 - 4.00


1 box of cigarettes

2.00- 6.00

1.00- 3.00


1 glass alcohol, 50 ml. (vodka, whiskey, etc.)

3.00 - 6.00

1.50 -3.00


Energy drinks

4.00 - 8.00

2.00 - 4.00


Coffee, tea

0.50 - 2.00

0.25 - 1.00


Non-alcoholic drinks, juices

1.00 - 2.00

0,50- 1.00


Salad (in restaurant, pizzeria, etc.)

2.00 - 10.00

1.00 - 5.00


Pizza (in pizzerias)

3.00 - 12.00

1.50- 6.00


Barbeque dish (for one portion)

5.00 - 10.00



Disco club entrance*

5.00 - 10.00

2.50- 5.00

. Disco club entrance (guest star parties) 15.00-50.00 7.00- 25.00 .
. Taxi (per kilometer) 0.70 0.35 .
. Ticket for all types of public transport 1.00 0.50 .
. Tickets for theatre, gallery 10.00 - 15.00 5.00- 7.00 .
. Tickets for cinema 5.00 - 10.00 2.50-5.00 .


*Some of the discos and clubs do not require from their clients entrance.


Transportation in Sofia

Sofia has very developed public transport, including tramways, trolleybuses, busses, multiply taxies, subway, taxies. Tramways No 1 and 7 are passing through the center of the city, also trolleybuses No 1, 2, 7, 9. The subway line leads from the center to one of its suburbs and back. For every public transport in the city, you’ll need ticket (“bilet” in Bulgarian), which can be bought in any kiosk or newsagent (price: ˆ0.35 / 0.70 levas). Warning: Control in public transport is very strict and the fine is 10-100 times greater than the sum of 1 ticket!



Where can I buy...

Practically in Sofia, you can buy whatever you want, because prices are pretty much acceptable and quantity is high. Most expensive place in the city is “Vitosha” boulevard, where are located boutiques and shops of most of the world brands. Other similar streets are “Alabin” and “Graf Ignatiev”, near “Vitosha”.


Also in Sofia are located three 5 floor malls- Sofia City Center, Mall of Sofia and TZUM. Markets on streets in the east part of the city are cheaper. Large markets, some kiosks on main streets and most of pharmacies are working on weekends and even 24h/day.


Food and drinks, also with very good quantity and great variety of products are sold in many places in the center of the city and around, in small markets or in large supermarkets. The hygienic control of foods and drinks is strict, so you always get fresh products and don’t have to feel uncomfortable of buying ice cream, drink or related from a stall on the street. You can buy alcohol and cigarettes in mentioned markets, also in specialized kiosks.


Restaurants & cafes

Eating in a restaurant or having coffee is something usual in Sofia, because the city provides one of the cheapest prices in all EU, even in its top center. Products are always fresh and well cooked. Restaurants usually can offer you traditional Bulgarian food, European, exotic dishes (Lebanese, Chinese, Turkish, Arab, etc.), number of good pizzerias, large and small cafeterias in every part of the city with absolutelly acceptable prices. Alcohol in bars, disco’s, restaurants, etc is also not expensive. In Bulgaria the quantity of small alcohol drink is 50ml, 100 for large, small beer is 330 – 500 ml, 1l for large.




Night clubs and disco

With its remarkable number of night clubs, discos, party places on acceptable prices, Sofia is one of the most vivid cities in Europe. Night clubs in Sofia are working Wednesday- Saturday, starting around 7 p.m. and finishing 4-5 a.m. The most popular places of nightlife are in the center of the city and in the student’s campus (called “Studentski grad” in Bulgarian). The student campus is one of the main places of nightlife in Sofia with more than 100 nightclubs, disco’s, restaurants, cafeterias (most of them working 24/7) for each taste and expectations. Usually an average entrance price for a party in a disco club is around 5.00-10.00 levas (ˆ2.5- 5.00), exept of special parties with guest star (prices between 15.00-50.00 leva/ ˆ7.00 – 25.00). Consumation is not included in the price. Some of the discos and clubs did not reqire from their clients entrance. Control in disco’s is very strict, so you will probably be kindly asked to be cheked for dangerous supplies.


Be careful with...

Here are some warnings in order to avoid unexpected worries:

- Be careful when using a taxi! Average prices per kilometers start at ˆ0.35. Highly recommended is to take “OK Supertrans” or “1 euro taxi” (Taxi telephone numbers- 00359 2 9732121 and 00359 2 9622226). Always watch the sticker on the front glass, where the price is written and do not worry to ask the driver if the total price looks much to you.

- Be careful when using public transport. Always keep your bag and precious things close and buy a ticket - the control is really strict and the pickpockets are almost invisible!

- Be careful of homeless dogs!

- Be careful when changing money. Do not change money on the street, no matter how good the rate exchange looks to you. Always look at the table in front of the change bureau for the daily rate and inside, before giving money. Highly recommended is to change money in banks and in large change offices.

- Be careful when paying check in cafeterias, restaurants, disco’s, and clubs, also for entrance in disco club. Always ask for the check voucher and calculate your total. Every waiter and bartender is obliged to give you the check voucher!!!!

- Be careful when ordering concentrate alcohol drink and cocktails. Highly recommended is to order popular brands, cocktails.

- Be careful from pickpockets on the streets and in transport! Keep your things close!

- Be careful when crossing the street, much of the drivers do not respect traffic lights and pedestrian cross line!



Going to... not a good idea.

Actually, Sofia is usually quite and peaceful, with strict police control, but you have to be careful when going out alone or walking by night all alone. Take a friend or someone from the SOFIMUN organizers with you - in company is always much more fun. Going on a sight seeing alone is not such a good idea, because the city has many suburbs and small streets and you might get lost very easy. Not a good idea is going alone in the deep parts of the large gardens and parks by night because of thefts or other worries. If you get lost, ask for the direction in markets, cafeterias, shops.


SOFIA History


One of the oldest cities in Europe, the history of Sofia (Thracian name Serdika, ancient Bulgarian name: Sredetz) can be traced back some 7000 years ago - prehistoric settlements were excavated in the centre of the present city. The well preserved...






Sofia is the city of variety and contrasts. Along with its remarkable heritage and rich cultural life, plenty of galleries, museum, theatres, Sofia has a good tradition in nightlife with huge number of night clubs, disco’s, and restaurants. Together with its...




SOFIA Future


Sofia’s huge potential determined by the opportune location from an international and local point of view, the excellent communications and transport connections by air, road and railway as...






Maps of SOFIMUN events and Sofia city

- Map of Sofia city.

- Map of committees' venues.

- Map of hotels.

- Map of "Must see in Sofia".

- Map of SOFIMUN parties.

- Map of main transportation.

- Map of embassies of foreign states.

- Map of main institutions.

- Map of museums and galleries.

- Map of emergency help centres.


see the maps...


Bulgaria Info


Facts and figures

- Where is Bulgaria?

- Why is it called Bulgaria?

- Nature of Bulgaria.

- Traditions of Bulgaria.

- Bulgaria and its culture.

- Bulgaria on the sports arena.

- Bulgarian food and drinks.

- You use it everyday - Bulgarians invented it!

- Things you must see in Bulgaria!

- Bulgaria and the world!

- Bulgaria at the UN.

- Other stuff... ofcoarse about Bulgaria.


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