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1-st Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

20-27 July 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria

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SOFIMUN organisers

  Organizational and executive committees  

Paola Ivanova (Org-com and Ex-com)

Co-team manager, public relations supervisor, program organizer


Born in 1983, Paola graduated one of Bulgaria’s top high-schools - the National High-school for Ancient Languages and Cultures (NHALC). Now she is finishing her Masters in Slav languages and literature, Croatian and Serbian profile in Sofia University, Bulgaria. As part of her university studies, she was honored with scholarships from The University of Zagreb, Croatia and The University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Meanwhile, she does dozens of different things, according to her spontaneous and chaotic character. Well-experienced in the medias sector as an international desk journalist, currently she’s doing a PR management job for living in a young prosperous communication group company. Paola also tries to be part of the world’s problem solvers as member of Bulgaria’s UN Association and member of The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria. She is also eager to do something positive and good for the Bulgarian cultural heritage in National Union “Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage” and continues to work in the media sector as manager of the first Bulgarian youth media.


Paola is often trying hard to be a so-called Renaissance person, that’s why she is very fond of foreign languages, world cultures and arts, although she never had the patience to learn them with a deep insight. While trying to progress, she loves to organize events and civil campaigns, also adores discussing, writing, arguing on topics, related with the Balkans, UN, rhetoric, leadership skills and peace of course :) . She fell in love with Model UN conferences while participating in Security Council simulation at one of Bulgaria’s National Model UN conferences. The absolute adoration came at the Zagreb Model UN (ZAGIMUN) in October 2007, when she had the ultimate opportunity to meet so many inspired people and make lots of new lifelong friendships. People who know her, would describe her as an amusing person with friendly character, addicted to traveling whenever it is possible; also she is a typical Leo - loves to be on top, to be everybody’s boss, with a huge smile and last but not least - she gets angry very easy. But the last things are just gossips ;)


Paola’s spontaneous character and desire to organize people came in a perfect match with Dimiter’s bright mind, calmness and leadership gift and they together decided to organize the first Model UN in their hometown Sofia.


“It's funny. All you have to do is say something nobody understands and they'll do practically anything you want them to”, J.D. Salinger, “Catcher in the rye”


Dimiter Mandradjiev (Org-com and Ex-com)

Co-team manager, internal affairs supervisor, fundraising and sponsorship specialist, program organizer, site manager


Dimiter Mandradjiev is born in Sofia city, Bulgaria in 1986. His primary education was in the Baghdad International School under UN guidance in Baghdad, Iraq. He graduate the prestigious 35-th language high-school "Dobri Voinikov" in Sofia, Bulgaria.


He has a bachelor degree in International relations program from New Bulgarian University in Sofia.  During his second and third years of studies he was awarded with scholarships for excellent grades. Now he's studying for a Masters degree in International business.


In 1999 Dimiter Mandradjiev started to work upon youth activities. Most of the projects concern patriotism, education, nature and humanity. Meanwhile he founded a communication group company SVETU Ltd. In 2005 he received a gratitude letter from the President of the Republic of Bulgaria for the efforts made in developing and accomplishing initiatives and campaigns with patriotic meaning. Also he received a support letter by the Bulgarian prime-minister upon a new movement which he formed also in the year 2005.


He is trying to work for a better future of the Bulgarian citizens by dealing with time constraints due to the fact that he is a member of various organizations like Bulgaria’s UN Association, The Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, chairing the national union "Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage".


Dimiter got addicted to the MUN idea in the late fall of 2006 when he got an invitation to go to a MUN in Vienna. Since then he has taken part in both national and international MUN conferences. The idea to make things better coincides with one of his characteristics - a problem solver.


He together with Paola have worked for some years now and after participating at the first Zagreb International MUN, together realized the need to organize the first Sofia International Model United Nations in Bulgaria. In a matter of fact Paola was the one who started poking him with the idea to organize SOFIMUN not by November 2008, but by July.


"I'm faster than you, I'm stronger than you, certainly I'll last much longer than you. You may think I'm the future, but you're wrong-you are! If I had a wish, I'd wish to be human. To know how it feels, to feel, to hope, to despair, to wonder, to love. I can achieve immortality by not wearing out, you can achieve immortality simply by doing one great thing! Keep walking...", robot from Johnny Walker advertisement.


Polina Goranova (Org-com and Ex-com)

Co-team manager, international affairs supervisor, registration and recruitment


Born and raised in Bulgaria, she is currently finishing her Master Degree in Entrepreneurship at Amsterdam University. Her educational background also includes economics and computer technology.


Polina got the "MUN virus" about 2 years ago when she participated at UNISCA conference as a chair person at the Security Council. GIMUN and TEIMUN quickly followed the same year. She considers the idea for organizing the first Model United Nations conference in Bulgaria as one of the most exciting initiatives she has ever undertaken. It did not take long to Paola, Dimiter and her to start real preparation for their common goal and thanks to their entrepreneurial pro-activeness to create the latest member of the MUN's family.


Polina's friends say they like working with her because of the constant positive energy she has and her open-minded personality that helps innovation to prevail.


"You must be the change you wish to see in the world." - Mahatma Gandhi


Ivaylo Stoimenov (Org-com and Ex-com)

Co-team manager and ex-com


Born in Sofia in 1980, Ivaylo is an alumnus of the most prestigious humanitarian high-school institution in Bulgaria – “St. Cyril Philosophus” National High-school for Ancient Languages and Cultures. Later on he obtained a B.A. degree of Public Relations and a M.A. of Cultural Anthropology of South-Eastern Europe at the leading national university - "St. Kliment Ohridski" Sofia University. Currently he is pursuing there a Ph.D. degree in Public Relations.


He is involved in youth civil activities since XX century. In 1999 he was elected a member of the Students Council of Sofia University and until 2003 he was working voluntarily as a P.R. manager of the Council.


In 2003 Ivaylo established the Youth Organization of the United Nations Association of Bulgaria and up to date is its President. In that capacity, he has organized and chaired number of national MUN simulations. Ivaylo has participated in MUNs in Vienna (Balkan Case Challenge) and Belgrade (BIMUN). He has also played in the international simulation Balkan Parliament at the American University in Bulgaria (AUBG) and has been selected best delegate in 2004.


Ivaylo considers as his greatest achievement the participation as a national Youth delegate at the 62nd session of the UN General Assembly in 2008 and the establishment of the Youth delegate institution in Bulgaria.


He is a member of the Bulgarian Public Relations Association (BPRA), International Association for Southeast European Anthropology (InASEA) and the European Network of Ph.D. students, researching the civil society.


Ivaylo is actively involved in public campaigns for protection of the environment and is a member of the Initiative Committee establishing a new Green party in Bulgaria. He also works as a journalist and has publications in various Bulgarian media. Currently he is working as an editor of “Maxim”-Bulgaria magazine.
His hobbies include motorcycles (his classic Yamaha), fitness and football (his team >> Levski Sofia!).


“Either you are enjoying the life or not, it is mostly probable not to have another one. So, it is better to enjoy it!” – Lyuben Dilov Jr.


Mila Begova (Ex-com)

Registration and recruitment manager


Born on 13th of November 1985 in Sofia Mila is trying now to finish her Bachelor degree in International Relations at the University of National and World Economy, having no idea of economics. As a member of the UN Association of Bulgaria she is also trying to change the world by organizing conferences, international exchanges, trainings etc. Mila is getting really excited when somebody mentions words like culture, conflicts, psychology, disc world.


She was 17 years old when represented Kuwait in her first National School Model UN. Since then her love for MUN has been growing day by day and MUN by MUN. The true love for the East and Asia dates back to her birth. In 2007 she first attend an international MUN - C`MUN in Barcelona (Alliance of Civilizations). Now SOFIMUN is coming…


Mila Begova is a true explorer of everything different and interesting. She has the need of affecting everyone with her energy and ideas for a better tomorrow. That’s why she was one of the most desirable people to be invited from the organizers of SOFIMUN. Fortunately, she agreed immediately and even took one of the hardest parts of organization- registration and recruitment manager. Although her attitude towards her work and the causes she represents is serious that does not stop her from being cheerful, easy-going and smiling all the time. Of course she probably has some bad moments when her anger bursts out but unfortunately we can't show you an example of someone who has lived through that.


Andrey Stoichev (Ex-com)

Program manager


His life revolves around three things: politics, private enterprising and the preservation of Bulgaria’s cultural heritage.


Since 2005 he is a campaign manager, well it’s plain to see what it’s about, managing election campaigns. Sometimes and especially after the fifth  one in a row he thinks that he is not managing it, but it’s the other way around. As soon as the elections are over, he and his colleagues from the department of political sciences at the New Bulgarian University, bang there heads at the question “Why people keep making the wrong choices time and time again?”. He and his friends are convinced that there is a world conspiracy aimed at rendering logic and reason worthless and to turn the conscious choice, which the voting is, into unconscious one.


From December 2006 he has gained interest in another area - the preservation and promotion of Bulgaria’s culture and heritage. So he and some friends started an NGO called “Treasure the Bulgarian Heritage”.


As fare as private enterprising is concerned, in May 2007 he started his own business. Since then he says: “Moneymaking is a wonderful thing!”


You can say that his life has run at a very slow pace in the last three years, didn’t it? ;-)


Plamena Markova (Ex-com)

Program manager


Plamena was born in 1983 in Bulgaria. Unfortunately, no matter how much she loves her home country she refuses to obey any form of patriotic calls since it’s practically impossible for her to stay in one place for too long.


Her first intercultural experience was in her high school years, since she was the one person to represent her country in the international competition for young translators, which takes place every year in Arpino, Italy.


After finishing High School, she attended a year of Classical Studies in the University of Sofia, while in the same time she took an intense course in Arab language and Philosophy of the Middle East. Plamena was granted with a scholarship from the Greek Ministry of National Education and Religious Affairs and is now in her last year of undergraduate studies in Panteio University of Athens, Greece. Her priority sector is international law with emphasis on the human rights’ protection. Just a few months ago Plamena successfully completed her practice in the structures of the Greek Representation of the European Commission.


The most precious thing for Plamena is diversity, which also appears to be a spring of fun and knowledge. Like most young people today she values one’s ability to stay open-minded and refuses to accept any form of cultural, political, economic or historical cliché.


She finds that SofiMUN is the perfect opportunity to prove two things:


First, that no two minds think alike and this gives the perfect opportunity for a positive dialogue and second, that no matter which part of the world you call home, there is always someone on the other side of the globe that will give you a hand if you need it.


Simple, romantic and full of good intentions (just like the road to hell, somebody might add).


“Siamo angeli con un’ala soltanto e possiamo volare solo restando abbracciati” (Luciano de Crescenzo)


Ekaterina Papanova (Ex-com)

Accommodation and events manager


Born on Christmas in 1982. Ekaterina is finishing Masters in Slav literatures and languages at The Sofia University, Bulgaria. Her interest in languages occurred while graduating high-school and getting specialized in French and English. This interest continues now, divided between Croatian, Serbian and Slovenian (for easily contacting with more and more people of course). Part of those interests was her participation in two months program in The University of Zagreb, Croatia. Well experienced in marketing and promoting, currently Ekaterina is a person who can be seen on any significant concert or disco party in Sofia, due to her party character and work in Bulgaria’s first youth media. While not working or graduating MA’s, she spends some time in the area of world and youth organizations as member of the UN Association in Bulgaria, where finds place to develop her ideas for saving the world.


Ekaterina’s interests are highly multilateral, extended from automobile engines through world cultures and characters to Balkan postmodernism literature. She adores theatre, opera, cinema and music at all, but also never misses to discus or writes about important issues around regional problems, UN, Europe and Bulgaria, politics, religions, cultures. Good organizer, Ekaterina is very well acquainted with event management and useful places to go and see.


People who know her would give a significant meaning to the fact that she was born at the Bulgaria’s seaside, which obviously defines her friendly, cheerful character, be always ready to meet new people, be inventive, and also finds the right way to communicate with all types of people. There are two things she’s most proud of- coming from a very united family and still keeping close relations with her friends from the childhood.


Ekaterina’s organizational and event skills and addiction to meet new people was the reason to join the ExCom of SOFIMUN just a few minutes after hearing for it the first time, while spending quiet coffee afternoon with Paola and Dimiter. Now she’s a part of the organization to provide the first MUN in Sofia as being responsible for accommodation and events.


“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”, Dale Carnegie


Nikolay Georgiev (Ex-com) (Secretariat)

Accommodation and events manager


Born in the emblematic 1984, Nikolay graduated one of the most prestigious high schools in Bulgaria – First English Language School in Sofia (FELS). Now he is finishing his studies in Business Administration at Sofia University, having completed also a year in Cultural studies.


Being actively involved in the youth activities since he was 16 as a cofounder of the Bulgarian Youth Parliament, Nikolay is trying to make the world a better place, starting from his own community. Meeting different people and exploring the world gives him an enormous pleasure and that is why he is in the frontline in every international activity.


Since 2003 he is a member of the Youth section of United Nations Association in Bulgaria and as such had the honor to participate in several national and international Model UN and special meetings. And of course he liked it…a lot.


His favorite MUN role is the one of an Angolan representative, with well-distinguished style of making the atmosphere relaxed and easy-going. Of course, when necessary, he can be the “bad cop”, proven in his role of US representative.


Being a part of the team, organizing international MUN in Sofia was one of his “things to do before I get into the corporate life”, so now he is impatiently waiting to meet the participants, expecting to see some old friends and of course meet many new ones.


" - The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple. "- Oscar Wilde


Petya Genova (Ex-com) (Secretariat)

Accommodation and events manager


Petya was born in 1985 in the maritime capital of Bulgaria – Varna, which is the most adorable city in the country (as she claims). She finished her secondary education in a French language high school and simultaneous she conferred the same status as a student in an English high school.


Now she is a last year student in the bachelor program Political sciences in French and European Integration in the New Bulgarian University. Petya`s supplementary program is Public Administration. At the end of her third year at university she gained a scholar ship, provided of the AUF (Agence universitaire de la Francophonie) and spent two months in the Bulgarian Embassy in Paris.


Petya`s first meeting with the UN Models was in 2007 during a UN Model organized in the New Bulgarian University. Then as a delegate of the General Assembly she was awarded “The Order of the House First Class for Best Delegate”. In 2007 she became a member of The United Nations Association of Bulgaria and a coordinator of The UN Club at New Bulgarian University.


Petya describes herself as “realist-optimist” (something that she has defined). Her open-minded character facilities her to get close with people very fast, but her objective way of thinking allows her to recognize the reliable ones. She admits that friendship is sacred.


“The chance to be part of SOFIMUN really challenges me, but it also motivates me because the problem of young Bulgarians social engagement personally concerns me. The members of the organizational team of SOFIMUN are active young people. Such personalities are able to prove the skeptics that young people can be true actors in the public life if they really are determined”.


“Festina lente”


Biliana Yontcheva (Ex-com) (Secretariat)

Accommodation and events manager


Awaiting info to be published.


Dafinka Prokopova (Ex-com) (Secretariat)

Accommodation and events manager


Daffi was born in 1984 in Sofia. She is currently working for the Southeast Europe Economic Forum, a non-governmental organization with the main objectives to promote the business environment of Southeast Europe to potential foreign investors and to facilitate the dialogue between the governments and the business. Daffi conducts media partnerships negotiations and agreements with similar non-governmental organizations and with profit making companies in the SEE region. She assists in maintaining media and PR relations on behalf of SEEF for the preparation in various events , related with the Europe and South- East Europe region.


Daffi’s strong commitment to UN ideas makes her participate in various Model UN simulation games, such as UNIDO, UN Quiz for the UN Day; UNEP, „Strengthening of the role of the UN - Reform of the Security Council”, etc. Daffi is proud of her active involvement of UN Association Youth activities. In relation to her active civil society participation she is a member of JEF-Bulgaria and the Student Diplomatic Club.


Besides, Daffi manages the EU pages in the Region Magazine – The Southeast Europe Magazine where she discusses the EU integration problems in the Western Balkans countries as well as the problems in the newly accessed EU countries.


During elections in Bulgarian politics Daffi proves her expertise in managing elections campaign for losers only because she manages campaigns well but the political time is not favorable for their success unfortunately.


For the period 2003-2007 Daffi has made several internships with state institutions in Bulgaria namely the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Agency for Promotion of Small and Medium sized Enterprises.


Daffi holds a BA degree in Political Science from the University of Sofia ‘St. Kliment Ohridski’. She is currently studying her MA in Political Science as well as BA in International Relations in the Faculty of Law at the University of Sofia. Besides her mother tongue - Bulgarian she is fluent in English, German and Spanish.


Daffi is interested in Bulgarian nature and spends her little free time with friends going to different cities and villages with ancient history and cultures and to the Bulgarian mountains. In accordance with her serious style and character she enjoys going to operas and operettas.


Albena Petkova (Ex-com) (Secretariat)

Accommodation and events manager


Albena was born back in the year of 1983 in Yambol. She graduated Yambol Math High School and then started her way to diplomacy as a student in International Relations at the University of National and World Economy.


She is now a M.A candidate in International Economic Relations with specialization in Management of International Projects and is a 4th year Law student at the same university.


Albena enjoys being part of MUN simulations because of the genuine atmosphere in these events and the feeling of being a voice of countries like USA or Afghanistan.


Albena participated in UNISCA, BIMUN, VIMUN and now is excited to be of the first Bulgarian international MUN – SOIMUN.


She is waiting to see all of you in Sofia, may be meet old friends and make new ones.


Ema Vidak-Gojkovic (Ex-com)

International delegates manager


Although she was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1986., Ema has been living in Croatia all her life. She is a third year student at Faculty of Law in Zagreb.


Her regular life is a strong harmony of opposites: in the same time strict jurist and politician - a student-assistant at criminal law department on her Faculty and a representative in Council of the Faculty, and a crazy musician - within her hard rock bend.


Her friends find her both - a hard worker with strong leadership skills but also a very good and devoted person with a lot of positive energy that she is not afraid to show in all occasions – from the most formal ones, to the ones during drunk dancing moves on the table.


Ema is a world traveler – she travels a lot, she enjoys it, and she's got a huge, almost mafia net of her friends all around the world, which is one of the most precious things to her.


This friendship with her dear, crazy, loved Paola and Dimiter came to be the most important reason she accepted to be a devoted part of SOFIMUN.


She believes importance of MUN is not just understanding and fitting in the way world functions today, but doing this with purpose of using it for necessary changes when they come to be necessary (and we can all agree those times are knocking on our doors). Her MUN experience includes Zagreb International Model United Nations (ZAGIMUN) and Geneva International Model United Nations (GIMUN).


Future delegates, ambassadors, world-leaders can practice their skills in MUNs having in mind for all the time one thing – status quo is no excuse for not making it better. Together, we can do it! Doing the best we can during conferences, improving our delegate skills and shaping our idealism in something that can be exercised, is one of the best and most interesting ways of a persons growing process.


Those are the words Ema wishes to spread among all present or future MUNers - young, smart, strong idealists can turn a world around, and maybe really make it a place we all want to live in!


"You can stop me. but you can't stop us all!"


Boban Stojmanovski (Ex-com)

International delegates manager


Boban was born in Kumanovo, Republic of Macedonia, one quiet, rainy Saturday in 1985. Eighteen years later, finishing high-school top of his class, he got a scholarship for the first British university in Macedonia - Euro College. During his time at the university, because of his grades, his essays and the influence on academic life at the university, he was mistaken for a profound, young talent. This interesting twist in the early life, provided him with unexpected opportunities. Soon he got grants for other courses such as "Contemporary Philosophy and Art" at Kensington College, and "Cultural Studies" at London City College... Graduated from Euro College 2007, with a Bachelor of Business Administration, top of his class.


Met Dimiter and Paola at Zagreb for the 2007 ZAGIMUN. Being in the same hotel during the conference they had to tolerate him, and soon a friendship developed. When he heard their idea for SOFIMUN he was overwhelmed and decided to do everything he can to help them promote it in his environment. He also participated at THESSISMUN 2008 and SIMUN 2008 where he was awarded "The Best Procedural Delegate" and "The Party Animal" which further demoralized his loving parents about creating a decent man out of him... Participated at the Balkan Case Challenge 2007 in Vienna, the DMP at Bled School of Management 2007, Belgrade International Games 2007, Together Towards Europe - Skopje, etc...


Eagerly anticipating to see all of you for an unforgettable MUN experience this summer in Sofia, Bulgaria!


"Life is full of misery, loneliness, and suffering - and it's all over much too soon." - Woody Allen


Marcel van der Stroom (Secretariat)

Secretary General


Marcel was born and raised in the Netherlands where he is currently finishing his MA in Public International Law. He specializes in Humanitarian Law and State Responsibility, a comprehensible choice after quitting his fighter pilot training at the Royal Netherlands Military Academy.


Four years ago Marcel caught the MUN virus, resulting in him representing a myriad of states and chairing the Security Council, the General Assembly and the International Court of Justice. His conference experience includes UNISCA, GIMUN, OxIMUN, MILMUN, WorldMUN and the European Parliament for Students. He was the Secretary-General for the first edition of ZAGIMUN and is Co-SG for MILMUN ‘08. Next to this he is on the organizing team of several MUN projects and is involved in the Dutch UN Association MUN Committee.


In “real life” Marcel is an elected member of two City Council Committees, teaches social studies to high school seniors and owns a small computer company. Earlier this year he has also worked as a Personal Assistant to a member of the Dutch National Parliament.


"I've got an idea… an idea so smart that my head would explode if I even began to know what I'm talking about", Peter Griffin


Hayk Hakobyan (Secretariat)

Chair person of Security Council


Long ago: Studying (physics) and working (IT) in Armenia. Dubbed a geek (AIESEC), a rebel. Could speak English (in addition to the rest).


Not so long ago: Studying (physics and business administration) in Switzerland, reading (sci-fi, politics, history), writing (TakingITGlobal), participating (Perspective Europe, Balkan Parliament, MUNs). Could speak German and French (in addition to the rest).


Now: Working (business development) in Egypt, reading (ideas, biographies), writing (Blogger, TakingITGlobal), online activism (Netvibes, Twitter,, Stumbleupon). Can speak (fair) Arabic (in addition to the rest).


Soon: Trying to move to some filthy rich GCC corner such as Qatar or lamentably poor setting such as Sudan – in both cases for sake of local culture, language and opportunities to benefit from and contribute to!


Iskren Cekov (Secretariat)

Co-chair person of Security Council


Iskren was born on December 2nd 1983 in Varna, Bulgaria. He finished the First Language High School in Varna with the core subjects German, English and History. Later he studied International Relations at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. At the moment he is graduating in International Business Administration at the Business Faculty of the Friedrich-Alexander-University-Erlangen-Nuernberg, Germany. His specialty: Strategic Management and Logistics.


Iskren’s passion is sports and more precisely - volleyball. Currently he is playing for the TUSPO 1881 Nuernberg, with which he has just won the cup of the Bavarian District Mittelfranken. Volleyball has made out of his leadership-shaped character a great team player. Bridge is the other code word that makes his heart tremble.


Enthusiastic traveller Iskren is keen on getting to know new people, other cultures, and new languages (for now he speaks only German, English, Spanish and Russian).


His interest in MUN is relatively new. His first MUN was in May 2007 in Vienna at the Balkan Case Challenge, where he represented the United States. After that only the lack of time prevented him from participating in other MUNs. That is why he is so looking forward to the SOFIMUN…


"Don’t compete, CREATE. Find out what the others are doing and DO NOT do it, or do it differently" - his last strategic management book.


Andrea Berger (Secretariat)

Chair person of Conference of Disarmament


Andrea was proudly born and raised in Winnipeg, Canada. Leaving her prairie hometown behind, she is now pursuing a Bachelor degree in Political Science and International Relations at Carleton University in the nation’s capital, Ottawa. This coming fall she is thrilled to be journeying to Europe to continue her studies on international exchange at the Universität Salzburg in Austria. Aside from her studies, Andrea is currently employed with the Government of Canada and is a member of her university’s United Nations Society.


Since high school, Andrea has participated in a number of Model United Nations conferences, from Montreal and Ottawa to Geneva and Zagreb.


This past year she was awarded distinctions at the McGill Model United Nations conference as well as at the Zagreb International Model United Nations, where she fell in love with the Balkans. She looks forward to returning to the region to oversee the Conference on Disarmament alongside her distinguished co-chair.


“If you go on with this nuclear arms race, all you are going to do is make the rubble bounce” - Winston Churchill, 1954


George Nicolov (Secretariat)

Co-chair person of Conference of Disarmament


George was born in the distant 1984 somewhere in Bulgaria.:) In December 2007 he obtained his Master's degree in International Relations from the prestigious Sofia University Law School. For more than two years, George has been working for the Sofia-based Centre for South-East European Studies, where he is in charge of a number of security-related projects. Also, George has the opportunity to train himself in topics, related with one of his biggest interests - the EU - in the Bulgaria Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During a Young Leaders workshop, held in the town of Veliko Tarnovo, George had the opportunity to meet Paola and Dimiter. Later they were all involved in another project - “Young leaders Promoting Bulgaria's New Security Policy” and had to travel all over the country to brief students on defense-related matters. It was a very exciting trip and full of both expected and unexpected thrills, where he first heard about the preparation of SOFIMUN and very much liked the idea to be part of it.


George is interested in international relations and EU affairs in particular. He got interested in the UN and its functions from the very first class at the university and even more so after his first visit to the UN's headquarters in New York.


George adores traveling and never misses a chance to visit new countries and interesting places. Meeting new people is another passion...


Can't wait to see you all in July!


“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” - George Bernard Shaw


Ellie Fogarty (Secretariat)

Chair person of Economic and Social Council


Ellie is a 24 year old Australian studying for a combined double degree in Arts and Law at the Australian National University in Canberra. After completing her Arts Major in Gender and Cultural studies, Ellie decided to indulge her passion for travelling by disguising an eight-month backpacking adventure as an international law exchange to the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands.


During her exchange, Ellie discovered the wonder of MUNs when she participated as the Delegate for China on the Security Council at the United Nations International Students Conference of Amsterdam in 2007. At UNISCA, Ellie was able to utilise her obstinate personality to debate challenging and topical international issues, while also making lasting friendships, and developing a lasting zeal for MUNs.


Ellie is thrilled to be able to combine her two passions for travel and MUNs again at SOFIMUN this July, and is looking forward to meeting all the delegates, as well as catching up with some former co-delegates and chairs.


"He wondered, as he had many times wondered before, whether he himself was a lunatic. Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one." - Orwell.


Albena Geleva (Secretariat)

Co-chair person of Economic and Social Council


Albena Geleva was born in 1984 in Sofia. She pursued her secondary education at the National College of Finance and Economics, Sofia. She holds a Bachelor degree in Business administration from Sofia University "St.Kliment Ohridski".


During her university studies Albena was an active NGO member at the student-run organization ‘Business Club – Sofia University’. She has been coordinating numerous international events and youth exchanges and managed the International Relations team at Business Club.


Albena was awarded with an Erasmus mobility grant and spent a study-abroad semester as an intern in Brussels, Belgium. She has also participated in several multicultural seminars and UN simulations abroad, such as Balkan Case Challenge, Vienna, Zagreb International Model UN, Bucharest Model UN, The Milan International Week, “Clash of civilizations” in Berlin, Germany, etc. Despite of her cheerful and very amusing personality and desire for fun, she never misses a chance to develop her professional and educational level with number of training courses - Channel Management, Human Recourses Management, Master Class in PR and Advertisement.


Her passions are languages and foreign cultures. She spends any free minute traveling and visiting friends around the world. She speaks fluent German, English and French.


Her professional background is in economics, project management and business development. Currently she works for a software company in Sofia, Bulgaria.


Albena is really excited about being part of the SOFIMUN crew and will strain all her energy and efforts to make the best of it.


Jun-Hwan Park (Secretariat)

Chair person of United Nations Environment Program


Born and raised in Santiago Chile, "Jun" is finishing his Master’s in International Cooperation at Seoul National University. He plans on pursuing a career in Sustainable Development.


After 2004, Jun moved from Santiago and went to Alfred University, New York, awarded with a leadership scholarship. Jun rapidly realized that he wanted to develop ties with the European continent and moved to Barcelona in 2005 where he finished B.A. in Business Communications and Public Relations.


After attending GIMUN 2007, his first MUN, he had a unique experience and felt he found his calling. At MILMUN 2007 he received an Honorary Mention and great preparation. Finally his MUN career peaked when he chaired the Conference on Disarmament at ZAGIMUN 2007.


Jun has been told that he is a Jack-of-all-trades and likes to consider that impossible is nothing, as well as that there is no problem without solution.


"Usually when people are sad, they don't do anything. They just cry over their condition. But when they get angry, they bring about a change." - Malcolm X


Lidiya Shtiliyanova (Secretariat)

Co-chair person of United Nations Environment Program


Born and raised in Bulgaria, Lidiya has been living and studying in Amsterdam for the last six years. She graduated with her Bachelor in Business and Economics in 2007 and is currently finishing her Master in Finance and following a Minor in Law (a combination, she believes, no one in his right mind would follow, which makes it fun), at the University of Amsterdam.


Even though pursuing a career in finance, Lidiya is interested in international relations and the world issues, and believes that a United Nations student conference is the first step a young student can take towards learning how to deal with those issues and maybe later even participate in the attempts to solve them.


Just like many of her friends, Lidiya also got the so called "MUN-virus" (highly contagious by the way) about a year ago after participating in MILMUN and UNISCA as a delegate. She is really excited about taking part in the very first model UN in Sofia and is sure that it will be everything we hoped for and more.


Besides loving her studies and MUNs of course, Lidiya occasionally enjoys traveling, drawing, skiing and her great passion-languages (currently attempting to conquer the Finnish language).


Her friends would say that Lidiya is very passionate about what she does and sets her goals high. She is a people person who knows the importance of her duties, but still loves to enjoy life.


"Having once decided to achieve a certain task, achieve it at all costs of tedium and distaste. The gain in self-confidence of having accomplished a tiresome labor is immense"- Arnold Bennett


Agnes Venema (Secretariat)

Chair person of Human rights council


Starting with high school MUN conferences back in 1996, Agnes has extensive experience with participating in as well as organizing MUN conferences. After enrolling the International Honours College of the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, her MUN-participation started featuring conferences abroad more often.


Agnes completed her Bachelor degree in Liberal Arts majoring in International Law and International Relations with honours. During her studies she also opted for studying a semester abroad, which took her to Brno, Czech Republic.


In recent years, Agnes held a number of positions, ranging from the position of treasurer at the 2005 UNISUN conference to first chair of ECOSOC at UNISCA 2006, after which she was appointed Deputy Secretary-General the subsequent year. Recently she participated in the first edition of ZAGIMUN 2007 as chair of the Human Rights Council, was one of the chairs of the Economic and Social Council at GIMUN 2008, and has chaired the Security Council at MILMUN 2008.


Agnes is currently working for UNPO – Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization – as Programme Coordinator UN, which has provided her with the opportunity to participate and lobby at the Human Rights Council in Geneva on behalf of the members of the UNPO. In her spare time, Agnes enjoys watching movies and is a keen photographer.


“I know, and this is the big problem, that Somalia is just not such a sexy issue” Mr.Ghanim Alnajjar – Independent Expert appointed by the Secretary-General on the situation of human rights in Somalia at the 7th session of the UN Human Rights Council.


Desislava Dimova (Secretariat)

Co-chair person of Human rights council


Dessislava holds a M.A. (cum laude) in International Relations from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” and is currently pursuing her LL.M. at the Faculty of Law. During her study, she was President of the Students’ Diplomatic Club and received a number of scholarships, allowing her to gain considerable experience while studying abroad.


Having developed a strong interest in international security and conflict studies, she started her professional carrier as a project coordinator at the respected Centre for South-East European Studies, where she was involved in research on and analysis of security and defense-related matters. She is now working at the Bulgarian Council of Ministers as a member of the team that is responsible for the overall coordination of EU affairs.


Her main research interests include (but are not limited to:) ESDP, EU enlargement, SSR and SSG, regional security, conflict analysis and international public law.


She adores travelling and uses every free minute (when she is not reading books about the WWII:) to explore new places.


Her passion for MUN competitions ignited in 2004, when she took part in Sabanci University Model United Nations and her delegation got the first honourable award. Since then, she has participated in several international MUN simulations and can’t wait for SOFIMUN to take place in Bulgaria.


“Today’s human rights violations are the causes of tomorrow’s conflicts” - Mary Robinson


Youth media "SvetU"


Internet youth media "SvetU" is the most popular youth internet media among Bulgarian young people. It has organized various national initiatives and campaigns and has put the foundations of a number of movements and ideas together with other organizations. The organization initiated SOFIMUN and started the process of preparing the event.


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UNA of Bulgaria


United Nations Association of Bulgaria is a national NGO, established in 1948, dedicated to the promotion of the UN ideas, principles and decisions, part of the global family of the World Federation of the UN Associations (WFUNA). Members of UNA-BG are mainly diplomats, university professors and students. UNA organizes Model UN simulations with high-school and university students since 1999 in the framework of its program “Civic education in the spirit of the United Nations”.


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UN & UNDP in Bulgaria


The official representatives of The United Nations Organization in Bulgaria. They have given a strong international support to the SOFIMUN event together with help on administrative and logistic issues.


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Student council


The student council of the faculty of "Journalism and mass communication" of Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski" have given a big support for the first SOFIMUN event with hosting the committee debates.


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