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1-st Sofia International Model United Nations (SOFIMUN)

20-27 July 2008

Sofia, Bulgaria

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  SOFIMUN News  


SOFIMUN is over!

The 1-st edition of Sofia International Model United Nations is over. Many of the participants have MUN depression and want to come back to Sofia for more SOFIMUN! Next year boys and girls we will be glad to see you again!




More than 150 participants from 36 nations from 6 continents are in Sofia, Bulgaria for the 1-st edition of Sofia International Model United Nations event!



SOFIMUN with banners!

Now you can download banners of SOFIMUN and put them in your website. More here: BANNERS



SOFIMUN's open for registration

SOFIMUN is now open for registering participants. Topics are up in the Committees' section of the website.



SOFIMUN's official bank accounts

SOFIMUN's official bank accounts are now available on the SOFIMUN website.



SOFIMUN is supported from today also by BIMUN (Serbia)

After having support from GIMUN, THESSISMUN, MILMUN, MUNEX, MUNUSAL, UNISCA, VIMUN, ZAGIMUN from today SOFIMUN is officially supported by the Belgrade International Model United Nations (BIMUN). Looking forward to meet you in Sofia!



SOFIMUN's delegation to THESSISMUN 2008

SOFIMUN's official delegation to THESSISMUN 2008 (Greece) finished its participation. The delegation constituted of Paola Ivanova, Dimiter Mandradjiev, Plamena Markova, Andrey Stoichev and Boban Stojmanovski and was specially invited by a great friend of SOFIMUN - the Secretary General of THESSISMUN 2008 Mr. Stylianos Z. Zarras.


The members of the delegation represented Iran, Indonesia and Mexico in the 1-st, 2-nd and 3-rd Committees of the General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.


We want to thank Mr. Zarras, the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki municipality and every staff member of the ORG COM and EX-COM of this years THESSISMUN for the wonderful moments during our 5 day Greek experience. Hope to see you at SOFIMUN 2008!



SOFIMUN's e-mail subscription system is up!

SOFIMUN's official monthly newsletter is getting ready to start to be posted to all interested users. Now you can subscribe to SOFIMUN's newsletter. Apart of that you will receive crucial information about SOFIMUN. You can subscribe at the official SOFIMUN website now or later.



SOFIMUN's official poster!

SOFIMUN's official poster is now ready to be viewed by all participants and organizations. You can find it at this address. Soon we will have information about important issues concerning the participation at SOFIMUN '2008.



SOFIMUN's site is online!

SOFIMUN's site is online from today! We are proud to announce that you can find full information about the first Sofia International Model United Nations in Sofia, Bulgaria. Please be sure to get acquainted with the participation rules and draft program of the event.


Invitation to MUNers


SOFIMUN is waiting for you!

SOFIMUN is going to be held in between 20-27 July 2008 in the beautiful and old city of Sofia in the Balkan state of Bulgaria. You are invited to take part in the conference. Soon you will have the opportunity to find more information on this website.


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Get in touch


SOFIMUN's forum system!

Communication between SOFIMUN's organizers, chairs, delegates, or even between newly MUN-addicted students is a goal of the SOFIMUN founders. That's why we have put up an online forum with discussion boards and other stuff.

Get in touch, keep in touch, be together today for tomorrow.


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